Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Trial of US citizens charged with plotting to train terrorists begins

Opening statements were to begin Tuesday in the trial of three men charged with plotting to recruit and train terrorists to attack US and allied troops overseas.

Federal prosecutors say the men, who all lived in the Toledo area for a while, attended a Muslim convention in Cleveland during the summer of 2004 where they talked about training in explosives, guns and sniper tactics.

The men were there with a former US military man who worked undercover and helped foil the plot, prosecutors said.

Mohammad Zaki Amawi, Marwan Othman El-Hindi and Wassim I. Mazloum are accused of conspiring to kill or maim people outside the United States, including military personnel in Iraq. They have all pleaded not guilty.

All are US citizens except Mazloum, who came to the US legally from Lebanon while El-Hindi and Amawi are Jordanian-Americans.


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Working hard for peace, I see...

Apr 1, 2008 19:38

Palestinian teen caught in possession of pipe bomb near Nablus

A Palestinian teen was caught in possession of a pipe bomb at the Hawara checkpoint near Nablus on Tuesday evening.

IDF sappers detonated the bomb in a controlled explosion and the teen was detained by security forces for interrogation.

From the Jerusalem Post.

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Partners for Peace?


Having said the above warning, if you want to know what Israel, the United States, Jordan, Qatar, and other peace-desiring entities have to work with in terms of "partners for peace," then do not turn your face away from the truth. It is here:

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Whores for Death [a series of articles] - Dareen Abu Aysheh

PLEASE NOTE: First, for purposes of this post and series of articles, I will define "whore" as one who prostitutes their soul, one who trades in all human decency to replace it with the worst depravity imagineable and which the whores know to be depraved. Indeed, it is the degree of depravity in their acts that becomes its own reward. They are whores. They are whores because they have had the opportunity to know better, to know what decency is, and they choose to be depraved. They are whores.

the act of premeditating
Law: a degree of planning and forethought sufficient to show intent to commit an act

Well, if a murderer were to videotape their own murder confession before they ever went out and committed their heinous act of taking an innocent life, any court in any civilized decent society would accept that as evidence of premeditation to murder.

Then there are other kinds of societies. There is the society that formed the warped mind of this whore for death. A society that breeds its own children to be instruments of death. A society that won't allow its children to have any hope for the future.

How could that be? How could this young woman actually believe that murder was acceptable?

It's because her society has been hijacked by power-hungry rapacious lazy unprincipled gutless pigs who spew a few public words of hate then sit back and collect billions of dollars in donations from the Arab countries of this world so as to maintain their stranglehold on this young woman's mind and the minds of all others in her society.

As long as the so-called leaders of this culture of death keep churning out murder and terror at the expense of its own children, the billions of dollars will continue to pour in. It matters not that very little of the money is actually spent on improving the quality of life for the children.

When Yasser Arafat died of AIDS, he left behind a personal Swiss bank account of over three billion dollars. How many schoolbooks might that have purchased for Palestinian children? How may meals for his hungry people? It mattered not to Yasser.

The children of Palestine are not raised with the knowledge of the billions in treasure being stolen in their name. They are not raised with the knowledge that their neighbor Israel has for years been willing to cede land and almost everything that's been asked in the name of establishing a national identity and homeland for the Palestinian people.

Because if they knew the truth, they would revolt against their masters, their pimps in death.

Instead, fed on a daily diet of hate and the exaltation of murder, they become whores as this woman did, recording her pre-murder-event murder confession then driving off in the company of two other would-be murderers to do their dirty deed.

In decent societies, policeman are revered as first responders, rescuers, heroes, law enforcement officers and keepers of the peace. They are the vanguard that stands between us, the normal folk, and disaster. Without them, laws would have no enforcement and no individual would be safe.

This whore cared little for decency when she premeditated, plotted, to murder policemen and bragged of her deed before it was ever committed.

It is truly a blessing of G-d that the only successful murder she committed that day was her own. She killed herself in an effort to murder several policemen. Her mission was not a success. G-d is great.

Normally, I would say that all suicide is tragic and all effort should be expended to rescue the life of the one who wishes to end their own existence.

However, if the end of the life of this whore for death meant that murder did not happen to innocent people then it is obvious that the hand of G-d intervened on behalf of the innocent.

And so, she is merely a failed whore for death. But a whore, nonetheless. As were the Tanzim terrorist whores (two men) who accompanied her.

Whores, all of them. No honor. No respect. And they did their part to inhibit the birthing of the Palestinian nation. They are traitors to their own children, to their own cause, their own society.

No honor for whores.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Whores for Death [a series of articles] - Wafa Idris

PLEASE NOTE: First, for purposes of this post, I will define "whore" as one who prostitutes their soul, one who trades in all human decency to replace it with the worst depravity imagineable and which the whores know to be depraved. Indeed, it is the degree of depravity in their acts that becomes its own reward. They are whores. They are whores because they have had the opportunity to know better, to know what decency is, and they choose to be depraved. They are whores.

Wafa Idris was bitter and enraged that her husband - and cousin - had divorced her for being unable to have children. Barren and then divorced, she was left in the permanent status of being forever "undesireable" as wife material to any other man. She was unwanted and cast off and then had to suffer the indignity of watching her cousin joyously celebrate his new union with another woman.

She did make an attempt to stitch together the pieces of her shattered life by seeking employment with the Red Crescent Society (similiar to the Red Cross in Western countries). But then her cousin remarried and Wafa was forced to endure the humiliating indignity of pretending to celebrate along with the rest of her family. She wanted to die.

She was also bitter. Angry. A scorned woman. She sought an outlet for her rage.

The terrorists found her and took this shattered creature, erasing whatever grain of self-esteem she may have had left, and replaced her own thoughts with the dogma of their death cult.

Wafa Idris would murder an 81-year-old man and injure 150 innocent people who were "guilty" only of going shopping and attending to their daily business. She'd found her outlet.

Wafa Idris became a whore for death and her fall from decency courtesy of terrorist death merchants was orchestrated much like the best work of any Hollywood pimp.

Wafa Idris, the whore.

Ms. Idris was not universally admired for becoming a murderer. Red Crescent advisor Dr. Hussam Al-Sharqawi had this to say: "I am shocked; I never expected anything like this… We teach our staff to help people regardless of religion, color, citizenship, or any other classification. One of [our staff] killing others pains us greatly, because this contradicts our humane values, which have not and will not prevent us from helping [even] soldiers and settlers when necessary."

She had at least one sympathetic family member, an aunt, who said, "He [her husband] killed her when he discarded her."

Her girlhood friend Raf'ah Abu Hamid would blame society's rejection of Ms. Idris for being divorced and unable to have children. According to this friend, Ms. Idris was left feeling "deficient" and so she had to compensate for that.

Al-Quds University student Maram 'Alawi, 22, said, "This is an [act] of terrorism… The Islamic movements exploited this girl's psychological or emotional distress and recruited her for the operation…"

Wafa Idris got her life pimped out for Death. Wafa Idris, whore. Pitiful? Maybe. Her innocent victims were human beings who perhaps found a great deal of meaning in their own lives. But, that didn't matter to this whore for death. Not in the least. No, I don't pity her. She's a murdering bitch.

A whore for death.


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