Sunday, August 12, 2007

Operation Life Shield

Operation LifeShield is now an EMERGENCY CAMPAIGN!

Citizens in the north and south of Israel are in imminent danger of injury or death from missile attacks. Please come to their aid now. Every donation to Operation LifeShield, small or large will help provide them with safety and security from this threat.

Operation LifeShield is an emergency campaign to deliver badly-needed air raid shelters to Israeli communities that are under constant rocket and missile attack.

Israeli citizens are in danger of being seriously wounded or killed because there are not enough shelters available, and not enough time or funds to build more. LifeShield shelters are available for immediate deployment.
When the air raid sirens sound, there are only about 30 seconds to find shelter. If you can't find shelter, your life may be over. Yes, 30 seconds can be the difference between life and death.

Military intelligence is currently warning of the extended range, accuracy and power of the thousands of Kassam missiles in the hands of the Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Reports also indicate that Hamas is now in possession of Katyusha and other advanced missiles. The danger of Hezbollah attacking again in the north are growing daily.


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