Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Abe Foxman, Genocide Denier

When I first started reading this article, I thought perhaps a local chapter of the ADL was having a little dust-up with some local Armenian group but as I read on, I was shocked to discover it is none other than Abe Foxman himself and the national ADL organization that's firmly in the genocide-denial camp.

Oh, Abe, how could you do it? How could you, of all people, deny history? You bring shame to your entire organization as well as calling your personal ethics into question.

The fact is: Over 1,000,000 (mostly) Christian Armenians were massacred by Muslim Turks in the not so distant past. Abe, you surely know those who deny history are condemned to repeat it. Why, Abe? Why do this horrible thing?

The Armenian people have a right to acknowledgment of the suffering and the genocide they have endured. Abe, do you feel good about the Holocaust deniers who say it is a lie that two out of every three Jews in Europe was put to death by the Nazi machine?

Abe, why have you signed ADL up with the likes of David Irving? You and he have become one. Your claims are wedded, the one to the other. Denying history... and justice... is the same no matter who's name is on the stationery letterhead.

Abe, Abe, Abe... how could you?

In recent weeks, the town that bills itself as No Place for Hate on a sign outside Town Hall is abuzz with anger and frustration, especially among the large Armenian population. At issue is not the program itself, but the group behind it, the Anti-Defamation League, and in particular the ADL's refusal to acknowledge the Armenian genocide at the hands of Turks during World War I.

"It's kind of the worst hatred to deny genocide," said Nayiri Arzoumanian, a woman of Armenian heritage who has lived in Watertown for eight years. "It's the worst kind of hypocrisy."

The debate began in letters to the editor of the Watertown Tab newspaper and has pitted Watertown Armenians against the ADL's national director, Abraham H. Foxman. Now what was once considered a positive civic effort, declaring Watertown No Place For Hate, finds itself at the center of a debate burdened by divisive international history and politics.

For decades, Armenians have fought to get the Turkish government and other world leaders to recognize the deaths of as many as 1.5 million Armenians during World War I as genocide. The refusal of the ADL to support the Armenians, especially as they lobby Congress to recognize the genocide, has fueled the local war of words. SOURCE

Then Abe said exactly what FDR might have said regarding the passengers aboard the St. Louis (Jews escaping Nazi Germany): "We're not party to this, and I don't understand why we need to be made party."


Abe Foxman, you have lost all credibility. You do not represent the Jewish people, that is for certain. You represent only your own cold unfeeling heart.


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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Anne Frank's tree to be cut down

The old chestnut tree that comforted Anne Frank while she was in hiding during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands is to be cut down.

Amsterdam city council says the diseased tree behind the building in which the Jewish Frank family took refuge has been attacked by a fungus.

But after protests by environmental groups and the Anne Frank Museum, a cutting of the tree will be replanted.

The chestnut tree is listed as a monument and is at least 150 years old.

New life

The 27-tonne tree has been attacked by the horse chestnut leaf miner moth and by a fungus. It could be dangerous if it falls, so Amsterdam City Council says it has to be cut down.

The fungus rots the wood and has caused concerns about public health.

But after a lobby to save the Anne Frank tree, grafts were taken and a sapling will soon replace the original tree that she saw in the courtyard from her hiding place in the attic.

The new tree will be a big attraction for the Anne Frank Museum, where the Frank family's tiny flat is preserved.


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