Sunday, March 30, 2008

Whores for Death [a series of articles] - Wafa Idris

PLEASE NOTE: First, for purposes of this post, I will define "whore" as one who prostitutes their soul, one who trades in all human decency to replace it with the worst depravity imagineable and which the whores know to be depraved. Indeed, it is the degree of depravity in their acts that becomes its own reward. They are whores. They are whores because they have had the opportunity to know better, to know what decency is, and they choose to be depraved. They are whores.

Wafa Idris was bitter and enraged that her husband - and cousin - had divorced her for being unable to have children. Barren and then divorced, she was left in the permanent status of being forever "undesireable" as wife material to any other man. She was unwanted and cast off and then had to suffer the indignity of watching her cousin joyously celebrate his new union with another woman.

She did make an attempt to stitch together the pieces of her shattered life by seeking employment with the Red Crescent Society (similiar to the Red Cross in Western countries). But then her cousin remarried and Wafa was forced to endure the humiliating indignity of pretending to celebrate along with the rest of her family. She wanted to die.

She was also bitter. Angry. A scorned woman. She sought an outlet for her rage.

The terrorists found her and took this shattered creature, erasing whatever grain of self-esteem she may have had left, and replaced her own thoughts with the dogma of their death cult.

Wafa Idris would murder an 81-year-old man and injure 150 innocent people who were "guilty" only of going shopping and attending to their daily business. She'd found her outlet.

Wafa Idris became a whore for death and her fall from decency courtesy of terrorist death merchants was orchestrated much like the best work of any Hollywood pimp.

Wafa Idris, the whore.

Ms. Idris was not universally admired for becoming a murderer. Red Crescent advisor Dr. Hussam Al-Sharqawi had this to say: "I am shocked; I never expected anything like this… We teach our staff to help people regardless of religion, color, citizenship, or any other classification. One of [our staff] killing others pains us greatly, because this contradicts our humane values, which have not and will not prevent us from helping [even] soldiers and settlers when necessary."

She had at least one sympathetic family member, an aunt, who said, "He [her husband] killed her when he discarded her."

Her girlhood friend Raf'ah Abu Hamid would blame society's rejection of Ms. Idris for being divorced and unable to have children. According to this friend, Ms. Idris was left feeling "deficient" and so she had to compensate for that.

Al-Quds University student Maram 'Alawi, 22, said, "This is an [act] of terrorism… The Islamic movements exploited this girl's psychological or emotional distress and recruited her for the operation…"

Wafa Idris got her life pimped out for Death. Wafa Idris, whore. Pitiful? Maybe. Her innocent victims were human beings who perhaps found a great deal of meaning in their own lives. But, that didn't matter to this whore for death. Not in the least. No, I don't pity her. She's a murdering bitch.

A whore for death.


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