Monday, March 06, 2006


This is an informative website with some interesting articles. Worth a look. Here are just a few of those articles:

Is Islam Above Criticism?
Cartoons about Muhammad in a Danish newspaper have caused a world wide uproar from Muslims. Ambassadors are recalled, flags are burned, Danish products boycotted in Arabic countries, etc. The issue of respect for Muslim feelings versus freedom of expression is debated in both Muslim and Western newspapers, on TV, on the internet ... but there are some highly relevant aspects that seem to be missing from the discussion.

Are Pictures of Muhammad Really Forbidden In Islam?
While some Muslims were outraged by a magazine printing cartoon pictures of Muhammad, we have to step back and calmly ask, are pictures of Muhammad really forbidden in Islam? — The answer might surprise you.

Islam and Human Rights
What happens when Islam gets a foothold in a new region by preaching “peace and love,” but it does not confront the numerous violent verses and passages in the Quran and in the traditions about the prophet? Later on, will religious leaders inflict anti-human rights laws, like mutilation or crucifixion in Quran 5:33 or other tortures found in original Islam? Is an only peaceful representation of Islam full disclosure about this religion?


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