Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Fun with Yiddish

Yiddish Words and Expressions

This is a fun webpage for folks who are looking for that perfect way to express themselves in Yiddish. This is merely a list of some words and expressions. It is not a complete dictionary or tutorial in the Yiddish language.

Here's a few samples:

Ess gezunterhait - Eat in good health
Es iz nit dayn gesheft - It's none of your business.
Eingeshpahrt - Stubborn
Eingetunken - Dipped, dunked
Einhoreh - The evil eye
Eizel - Fool, dope
Ek velt - End of the world
Emes - The truth
Farklempt - Too emotional to talk. Ready to cry. (See "Verklempt)
Farpitzed - To get all dressed up to the "nines."
Shadchen - Matchmaker or marriage broker.
Shlemiel - Clumsy bungler, an inept person, butter-fingered; dopey person
Shlep - Drag, carry or haul, particularly unnecessary things, parcels or baggage; to go somewhere unwillingly or where you may be unwanted



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