Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Palestinian Child Abuse

And how do haters learn to hate? From where does a child with no experience of the world learn to hate it so and even learn to hate their own precious lives, so much so that they look forward to the day when they, too, can strap explosives to their young chests and blow themselves up with their hate, killing as many innocent lives as they can take with them? How do they come to believe that this is admirable behavior and an honorable witnessing of their faith? How does a child come to "know" these things?

It is because hate is the only thing they are ever allowed to know. An army of hate is indoctrinated from infancy (see above photo) in the ways of murdering innocent lives. It is the only thing they know.

Ponder this: Where are the homicide bomber training camps in the United States or Canada or England or Chile or Norway or Australia or Israel or Portugal? How is it the schoolchildren of those nations are not forced to endure an official curriculum of how-to-murder? How many of the youth of those nations have strapped on the explosives and sought out innocent targets?

And why is that?

And what is the strength of those nations compared to the fortunes of the Palestinian people? Exactly what... or who... are the stumbling blocks to the Palestinian people claiming their own nationhood? Who negotiates with them now to make that dream of nationhood come to fruition?

Israel has given and given and given. The Gaza strip, instead of turning into a building block of a new country, is now dissolving into factionalized land thefts with various terrorist groups and gangs claiming possession of that piece of real estate, inch by inch, acre by acre. It is a battle and the P.A. (Palestinian Authority) seems not merely powerless to stop it, but is a particpant, a collaborator of murder and hate. Many of the land thefts, fenced off tracts of Gaza land, are now "owned" by individuals within P.A. ranks. So what have they given the children to replace the hate?

The P.A. have no success in stopping the youth of their would-be nation from being indoctrinated with terror and hate, preparing for the day when they can give their lives to the effort to stop Palestine from ever being declared a nation. Because that is the end result of the violence. The P.A. is an active participant in the destruction of the dream.

Hamas is yet another enemy of Palestinian Statehood. Hamas will never achieve their only goal: complete annihilation of Israel. Israel will NEVER cease to exist. Hamas knows this. Hamas and other "leaders" of the Palestinian people continue to sell out the Palestinian State. They continue to betray their own people. Why?

If not for the hate and the senseless murders in the name of raising billions for terror that somehow got channelled into the personal Swiss bank accounts of men like Yassir Arafat, those children by now might have been building dreams of a real future.

But their "leaders" continue to treat their most precious gift, their children, as cannon fodder and those babies may never know what a dream really is. The haters are stealing the future from their own children. And that is cruel child abuse.

See a Slideshow titled, "Palestinian Child Abuse," by CLICKING HERE. It will open your eyes and absolutely break your heart.

The Kids are Not All Right
What might we imagine is the hope of parents who entertain their children with messages of hatred and the glorification of suicide in the service of killing others?

by Rabbi Avi Shafran

Its pretty commonsensical: a culture's ideals and spirit can be discerned in what its adults choose to nourish their progeny's developing minds. One can know much about a world, in other words, by considering its childrens entertainment.



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