Friday, November 11, 2005

Kosher Cruises

Do you love travel? Do you love cruises? Find out how you can travel in luxury AND keep kosher by visiting ""

From the website:

Kosher Cruises and Kosher Travel - Ever dreamed of watching the setting sun gild the crystal blue Caribbean sea surrounding your deluxe cruise ship, while graceful candles flicker to the sound of soft music, and elegantly-dressed waiters set gourmet Kosher cuisine on the table before you? Have you imagined touring exotic destinations with all your kosher travel and Jewish religious needs catered for par excellence? Or treated yourself to celebrate a Chag in a luxury Israeli hotel? For nearly a half a century Eddie’s Travel has been making the discerning kosher travelers’ dreams a reality —Eddies Travel is indeed the natural choice for the kosher traveler’s perfect holiday in the best of comfort, luxury and value, with unparalleled personal service.

This website is to promote the kosher cruise business of one individual and I am not putting the information here to promote one kosher business over another. This is simply one more resource of information for Jewish travellers to check out for themselves.


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