Friday, November 11, 2005

Islamization in Europe

Last update - 11:11 11/11/2005
Islamization in Europe
By Ze'ev Schiff

The outbreak began in England. At first there were signs of increasing extremism and incitement in declarations by Muslim clergy; then weapons were found, including poison; and then young Pakistani men who grew up in England performed acts of terror. German intelligence discovered that Pakistanis were responsible for the suicide bombing in Djerba, Tunisia in 2002, where German tourists were killed. Meanwhile, Moroccan citizens were involved in the two major terror attacks in Spain.

The violence in France began even before the current outbreak, in acts of vandalism perpetrated by young Muslims against Jewish cemeteries and synagogues. Thus they created a situation unprecedented in France since the days of the Nazi occupation Jewish parents were afraid to send their children to school wearing kippot. The French police fought the phenomenon, without success.

Clearly, the Muslims in France are operating out of a sense of strength and self-confidence. The sense of power comes from their growing numbers more than 12 percent of the population and their demographic centralization. They are formally French, but in their own areas they maintain a unique lifestyle, and that's where Islamization has reached its climax.

The current intifada in France began almost exactly like the Palestinian intifada in 1987. Here, an accident in Gaza claimed Palestinian lives. In France, an accident in which two young Muslims were electrocuted sparked the violence. For both Palestinians and French Muslims, the initial motive of the rage was the sense of oppression and humiliation.

Those who argue that the initial and main motive for the riots in France is the sense of oppression felt by the new proletariat emerging among the Muslim immigrants are right. But it is a mistake to focus entirely on socioeconomic causes. They were an initial motive, but the next stages always arrive, and religion has a lot to play in the matter. When Islam doesn't provide enough of an answer, they look for heroes elsewhere, such as Al-Qaida. READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE


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