Thursday, November 10, 2005

Talk Now, Demolish Israel Later, Hamas Says

Talk Now, Demolish Israel Later, Hamas Says
By Julie Stahl
Jerusalem Bureau Chief
November 09, 2005 Jerusalem

( - Hamas is ready to negotiate with Israel as a means of achieving its goals, which include the end of the Jewish State, a Hamas leader said on Wednesday.

Hamas candidates are planning to run in the upcoming Palestinian Authority elections, scheduled to take place in January. Officials from the group have said they plan to use the democratic elections as a means to establish an Islamic state.

Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar took that a step further on Wednesday when he said that Hamas might be willing to negotiate with Israel but only as a means of achieving its final goals."Negotiation is not our intention. Negotiation is a method," al-Zahar said in a rare interview with Israeli media, broadcast on the radio. MORE...

JUST A LITTLE REMINDER: The Oslo Accords forbid any terrorist group from participation in Palestinian elections. In violation of this important agreement that began the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, P.A. Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has invited Hamas to field candidates in all P.A. elections.


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