Wednesday, November 09, 2005

On Hating the Jews by Natan Sharansky

On Hating the Jews
The inextricable link between anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism.

An incredible article. Everyone should read it.

And a personal note: In the 1970's when the Jewish Defense League was probably the most vocal (in terms of grabbing headlines) fighters for the survival of Soviet Jewry, we began wearing metal bracelets inscribed with the names of individual Soviet Jews who awaited emigration out of the old Soviet Union. I wore two bracelets, one for each arm. On one was the name, "Sylva Zalmanson," who had been in a group of desperate Jews who attempted to hijack a Soviet aircraft to freedom.

And the other bracelet bore the name, "Anatoly Sharansky." Mr. Sharansky, upon finally emigrating to Israel, would take the name of Natan and would one day become Israel's minister for Jerusalem and Diaspora affairs.

For as long as the names Sylva Zalmanson and Anatoly Sharansky remained on my wrists, next to the pulse of my heart, they stayed constantly in my thoughts and the night did not pass that they weren't also in my prayers.

Thank you, Mr. Sharansky. For surviving. Todah rabah. Kol ha kavod.


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