Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Paul Wolfowitz Sells Out Israel, America, and the Jewish People to Terrorists

Paul Wolfowitz and his World Bank have agreed to give millions of dollars to the terrorist group Hamas to fund even more suicide bombings and other acts of terror against innocent civilians. There is nothing more corrupt than a terrorist. They are corrupt on every level and yet, Paul Wolfowitz would have the world believe he is against corruption. Hypocrite.

More of the Wolfowitz hypocrisy can be found at the NecessaryRoughness Blog where I discovered this Wolfowitz quote:
Paul Wolfowitz, while Deputy Secretary of Defense, said the following in 2002:
To those who champion the cause of an independent Palestine, we say this: Stopping terror is the most important thing you can do to serve the Palestinian cause. (Applause.) Those who blow themselves up to deliberately destroy innocent life are not suicide bombers — they are killers. (Applause. Cheers.) As President Bush has said, they are not martyrs — they are murderers. (Applause. Cheers.) Those who fill the minds of children with hate, who use the bodies of children as weapons, who exploit the deaths of the young to further their own power have as their goal the destruction of peace and freedom. (Source:

The next time a mother in Israel weeps over a dead child killed by Hamas terrorists, know that Paul Wolfowitz and the World Bank had a hand in financing it.

Either Wolfowitz is for financing dangerous enemies of the United States and did that on his own or he is fronting for George Bush and the "Bush Doctrine" that he, Wolfowitz, helped to create. If Wolfowitz is acting on Bush's orders, then we have to consider that a true enemy of the United States is at the head of the United States government.

Something to think about.


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