Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Rachel Who?

Rachel Corrie, an American activist, stood in front of an Israeli tank below the driver's line-of-sight and was killed when the tank moved forward and over her. If you put her name into Google, you will get back many thousands of links, stories, websites.

But did you know that other Rachels have also been killed in Eretz Israel? And do you know what they did to get themselves killed? One was a grandmother returning home from the celebration of the birth of her first grandchild. For that, she was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist. Another was a mother of seven children who was murdered, along with several of her children, inside her own home. Again, by a Palestinian terrorist. Yet another Rachel stepped out for a bite of pizza and for that, a Palestinian terrorist determined it was her time to die. He made that choice for her.

And there are more. Too many more. Where are the stories about these Rachels? Why are they invisible to international media?

These are some of the things the article, "Rachel Who" discusses on the blog titled, "Boker Tov, Boulder!" Please go have a look-see.


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